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On 03/18/2016 05:48 AM, Merlin Hartley via Info-cyrus wrote:
> ...
> Of course, over-time more complexity is always required and I have 
> recently implemented a few shared mailboxes (rather than just sharing 
> user mailboxes).
> Inevitably, the users are now asking for an auto-reply to be 
> configured for some of these shared mailboxes...
> We are already using sieve scripts (managed with Roundcubemail talking 
> through the firewall to timsieved) so it seems natural to use this 
> technology here too...
> I have followed the instructions on this page:
> But the last step doesn't seem to do anything...
> So I have a few related questions:
> 1) how can I query a mailbox to read the flags set by mboxconfig?

Use the 'info' command in cyradm, like so:

    root at mail:~# /usr/lib/cyrus/bin/cyradm -U cyrus localhost

    localhost> info
       duplicatedeliver: false
       lastupdate:  6-Apr-2016 04:01:01 -0500
       partition: default
       pop3newuidl: true
       sharedseen: false
    *   sieve: global*
       size: 801640500

    localhost> quit

Note the "sieve: global" line.

> 2) has anyone got sieve working with shared mailboxes?

Yes, happily and consistently, currently with 2.4.10, and up, on various 

> 3) is it possible to invoke a sieveshell in the context of a shared 
> mailbox?

"...context of a shared mailbox..." doesn't really mean anything here.  
You must do it as a user who has access to the shared mailbox, as the 
page on the website explains.

> I seem to have successfully created the global scripts (a 'global' 
> folder has appeared in the sievedir) - just can't seem to attach it to 
> a shared mailbox.

Take a look at the output of the 'info' command in cyradm, and if it 
doesn't make sense, please post again.

In my experience, the most common cause of problems with sieve and 
shared mailboxes is bad scripts.


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