Request: Please sign this list's messages via DKIM or SPF

Binarus lists at
Tue Apr 5 09:42:37 EDT 2016

On 04.04.2016 21:50, Joseph Brennan via Info-cyrus wrote:
>> But with SPF or DKIM, you can immediately blacklist any sender
>> domain after having received SPAM from that domain.
> It would never be a phished stolen account, so that would be safe.

You are right. It is the only logical thing to accept emails from stolen or phished accounts for the sole reason that they have been stolen or phished.

Joking apart: After having repaired the problem, the victim (i.e. the legitimate, white-hat real owner of the account) hopefully sees the DSNs, and, if his message is important, might call us and ask what has happened.

Even more, the DSN from our MTA eventually might let the "real owners" know that somebody is doing damage to them. Did you think about that? By the way, there are countries where you are liable if you send viruses, and in those countries, people might be even more grateful if they receive a DSN after a spammer has abused their account.



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