Expire appointments in imap based calender folder

Geert Janssens geert at kobaltwit.be
Fri Sep 25 13:21:06 EDT 2015

I'm using cyrus-imap (cyrus-imapd-2.5) as part of the kolab groupware 

My users have a lot of old appointments imported from a previous 
groupware system. They would now like to remove all of them from before 
a given date, or older than X days.

I just found cyradm which looks like 
it can do this with its subcommand setinfo "expire".

Before doing so I wanted to check the existing metadata on the 
directories, so I could restore if needed.

Unfortunately the info subcommand completely breaks in my version of 
cyradm. Before I use that subcommand the other subcommands work fine. If 
I use info once, lm doesn't work anymore (returns nothing).

So I'm a bit wary to use this tool.

Do others know why this goes wrong ?

If you need more information to determine this, please ask. I'm fairly 
new to this piece of software.

Thank you,

Geert Janssens

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