2.4.17 --> 2.5.3 Delayed expunge?

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at mail.utexas.edu
Sat Sep 19 10:41:54 EDT 2015

Upgrading from 2.4.17 to 2.5.3 I kept the same configuration files, save 
for changing the names of some deprecated variables in 

Now I am noticing some unexpected behavior; namely when messages are 
deleted (in Thunderbird, Trash emptied and folders compacted) the 
messages seem to persist in ~/cyrus/user/my_username

Was this the behavior before, and I just didn't notice it because I'm 
only ever looking in the mail folders when debugging, or is this a new 
feature of 2.5.x?

In particular, I notice that the /etc/cyrus/cyrus.conf file appears to 
have these new fields which I didn't have before:

   # Expire data older than 28 days.
   # deleteprune cmd="cyr_expire -E 4 -D 28" at=0430
   # expungeprune cmd="cyr_expire -E 4 -X 28" at=0445

I commented them out, thinking these were for removing old mail no 
matter what; i.e. deleted or not.  Am I suddenly getting a delayed 
expunge feature that I didn't have in 2.4.17, hence need to uncomment 
the pruning lines above?


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