cyrus mailbox authentication changing from NIS to LDAP

Sunny ssn at
Fri Sep 18 10:48:39 EDT 2015


I've inherited a cyrus mail server and I'm currently learning how it's 
setup and would like some advice changing from a NIS to LDAP authentication.

At the moment, the imap server uses NIS to authenticate ssh connections 
and I believe to also authenticate users to their mailboxes

sasl_pwcheck_method: *saslauthd*
sasl_mech_list: PLAIN


 From the above output I believe that cyrus will use the pam service to 
lookup authentication information to authenticate a users cyrus mailbox.

I want the imap server to use LDAP (via sssd) for ssh authentication and 
authenticating users to their mailboxes.

If I configure the mail server to use sssd (also stop NIS) and update 
/etc/pam.d/system-auth with the required entries, does anyone 
know or have experience if this change will allow users to authenticate 
to their mailboxes using LDAP?


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