number of imapd processes never decrease

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On Thursday 17 of September 2015 you wrote:

> I would consider how many users you have connected as well as each type of
> device. If you are running some type of AS setup, each device will
> maintain an open connection and cause a process to happen. How many users?

What do you mean by AS setup? Autonomous system? nothing like that.
Clients use thunderbird, outlook, mobile phones, webmail.

I don't know the exact number of imap users, because some users still use pop3 
(which has short-lived connections). Currently there are about 200 imapd 
processes. (Plus another 60 "imapd -s").

I think every client is going to be turned off, rebooted, or out of battery 
from time to time. So I feel like there are some processes "forgotten", 
keeping the connection with nobody on the other end.

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