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On Thu, Sep 10, 2015, at 21:51, Ken Murchison wrote:
> On 09/09/2015 06:50 PM, John wrote:
>> Quick questions:
      What is the format of a CalDAV URL for a virtual user (eg calendar
      Default at fred at
    I don't know if CalDAV works with virtdomains yet.  I didn't
    explicitly add any code to handle it during initial development and
    I haven't done any testing.

Yeah, this works fine:

/dav/calendars/user/fred at (for example)

We added httpd_extradomain for users who aren't domain split yet, so our
frontend proxy logs the user in as rather than just
fred, and despite their mailbox being user.fred.#calendars.Default (no
domain), the URL is /dav/calendars/user/fred at

This is all working in production.

      What is the format of a CalDAV URL for a shared calendar? How
      should a shared calendar be created (eg in cyradm)?
    Shared calendars aren't supported yet as I don't know how best to
    present them to clients to make them usable.

At least at FastMail, we've got them working by putting them in a shared
user and adding ACLs for everyone who needs to access them.

One thing - we don't (yet) have support for cross domain sharing (not
even with the hack above), so you can't share calendars between users in
different domains.


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