3.0.0-beta1 delivers mails but doesn't list mailboxes

Paolo Cravero paolo.cravero at csi.it
Thu Sep 3 08:18:27 EDT 2015

I downloaded cyrus-imapd 3.0.0-beta1 and compiled it on a RHEL6.6 machine

This a test server that has never had a Cyrus installed on it. There is a
stale Dovecot installation (off), FWIW.

I have a strange problem. Mails can be delivered via LMTP without errors.
With POP3 I can see and retrieve them. But ALL IMAP activity leads to
nothing, as well as no errors logged whatsoever. Through cyradm I cannot
list mboxes: lm, lm user/*; lq, info user/mailbox return nothing. I straced
the imap process handling cyradm requests, and it stats mailboxes.db.

/var/lib/imap/mailboxes.db has 600 permissions.

The current config is http://pastebin.com/ctaM0rVr . It is adapted from a
working 2.4.17 setup. Basically I reduced the number of partitions.

The source was configured as follows:
./configure  --enable-autocreate --with-ldap --enable-squat
--prefix=/usr/local/cyrus --enable-idled --without-openssl

Authentication is through PAM/saslauthd/LDAP, and is successful both for POP
and IMAP.

I even deleted and recreated mailboxes.db (nothing to loose, it's a test
system) with no positive effect.

Please help me identify what is wrong with this setup or suggest further
checks. I am willing to try the archiving feature introduced in cyrus-imapd


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