Problems with port 993 (SSL)

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Tue Sep 1 19:36:38 EDT 2015

Hi Paul,

a fellow Groninger? Then lets try to help ;-)

>From the OSX v10.11 release notes (released 15-8):

  * DHE_RSA cipher suites are now disabled by default in Secure
    Transport for TLS clients. This may cause a failure to connect to
    TLS servers that only support DHE_RSA cipher suites. Applications
    that explicitly enable cipher suites using SSLSetEnabledCiphers()
    are not affected. Safari may display a “Safari can’t establish a
    secure connection to the server” error page. Safari and other
    clients of CFNetwork API (NSURLSession, NSURLConnection,
    CFHTTPStream, CFSocketStream and Cocoa equivalent) will show a
    “CFNetwork SSLHandshake failed” error in Console.

Maybe you can use to find out which cipher your site uses.
A very useful site.
If your site uses a DHE-RSA cipher, you may need to change the
tls_cipher_list in your imapd.conf



On 1-9-2015 18:04, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
> Op 01-09-15 om 17:35 schreef Patrick Boutilier:
>> What version of Cyrus?
> Really old:  2.2.13
> With regards,
> Paul van der Vlis.

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