CalDAV and virtual domains

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Wed Nov 11 07:00:59 EST 2015


What's the status of CardDAV/CalDav and virtual domains?
I read some messages about this being broken, but they are quite old: 
did this ever get fixed?
Is this component stable?

If I try:

> http://<myserver>/dav/calendars/user/<user>@<domain>.<tld>/Default/

I get:
> Not Found
> Mailbox does not exist
> Cyrus/2.5.6 Cyrus-SASL/2.1.26 OpenSSL/7 Zlib/1.2.8 LibXML2.9.2 SQLite/3.9.1 Libical/1.0 Jansson/2.7 Server at Port 80

  bye & Thanks

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