delprune on a single mailbox

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at
Wed Nov 4 06:36:18 EST 2015

globally in cyrus.conf delprune is set to
> > > > delprune	cmd="/usr/sbin/cyrus expire -E 1 -X 7 -D 7"
> > > > at=0501
> > > > For a single mailbox I don't want to keep deleted mails for 7
> > > > days,
> > > > but
> > > > expire them immediately or once a day per cron. How to do that?
> > > Forogt to say that delete_mode and expunge_mode is set to
> > > delayed.
> > > Via cron this should work for an immediate cleanup/expire:
> > You can set an expire annotation per mailbox.  
> How do I do that? From cyr_expire manpage:
> "The value of the /vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/expire annotation is
> inherited by all children of the given mailbox, so an entire mailbox
> tree can be expired by seting a single annotation on the root of that
> tree. If a mailbox does not have a /vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/expire
> annotation set on it (or does not inherit one), then no messages are
> expired from the mailbox."

Via cyradm -> mboxcfg user.adam expire 365> info user.adam 
  condstore: false 
  duplicatedeliver: false 
  expire: 365 
  lastupdate: 13-Aug-2008 19:37:31 -0400 
  partition: default 
  sharedseen: false 
  size: 12325671

AFAIK the annotations supported by cyradm/mboxcfg are:

* comment – A free-form text comment or description to be attached to
the mailbox.
* condstore – This annotation is only supported in the 2.3.x release
series starting with 2.3.3 although its use is not recommended until
2.3.8. As of the 2.4.x release series CONDSTORE functionality is
enabled on all mailboxes regardless of annotation and attempting to set
this annotation will result in a permission denied message. On releases
where this annotation is supported setting a value of “true” will
enable CONDSTORE functionality1.
* expire – If an expire value is provided messages will be
automatically deleted from the mailbox once the specified number of
days has elapsed.
* news2mail - 
* sharedseen - Enables the use of a shared \Seen flag on messages
rather than a per-user \Seen flag. The 's' right in the mailbox ACL
still controls whether a user can set the shared \Seen flag.
* sieve – In the case of a shared folder the “sieve” parameter
specifies the name of a global SIEVE script that will be used for every
message delivered to the folder.  This value is ignored for personal
mailboxes (mailboxes including and subordinate to a user's INBOX).
* squat – Flags the mailbox to be included for indexing when the SQUAT
process performs index generation.

> But is it possible to expunge a message immediately when it's deleted
> by client and not with the next expire run?

Not if delayed expunge is enabled AFAIK; that would defeat the purpose.

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