Shared folder permissions

Dan White dwhite at
Thu Jul 30 14:44:32 EDT 2015

RFC 4314 was implemented in 2.3.0 (according to the changes file).

So with 'd' listed, e, t, and x are implied, per the RFC.

This is way out of date date unfortunately:

Check your 'defaultacl:' option to verify it doesn't contain d.

On 07/30/15 19:09 +0100, John wrote:
>I set the ACL to lrswiptek and it then shows as lrswipktecd. Have I
>missed a database migration step at some point in the past? The current
>server is running 2.4.12 (and I have a project to move it all to 2.5.x
>On 30/07/15 16:37, Dan White wrote:
>> On 07/30/15 16:21 +0100, John wrote:
>>> Hi List,
>>> I have a bunch of shared folders which I want to have various user
>>> permissions on them. I can do the simple read/write ones, but I cannot
>>> work out how to allow a user to delete mails but not the mailbox. A user
>>> has just done it *again* so I need to get it sorted.
>> You want 't' and not 'x'.

Dan White

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