change to UNIX hierarchy

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Wed Jul 1 12:53:05 EDT 2015

On Tue, 30 Jun 2015, Stephen Ingram wrote:

> Since we support Kerberos, we use standard usernames on our system without
> any domain endings and we also use the Alternate namespace. This being the
> case, can we turn on UNIX hierarchy without any changes in the user's mail
> client or the filesystem itself? From the documentation, it looks like the
> only change would be in the management of the mailboxes (cyradm) where we
> would now use a "/" instead of a ".". For instance, the cyradm command: cm
> user/john/Sent instead of cm user.john.Sent. Am I correct or off base here?
> Steve

The mailbox separator may need to be updated in your IMAP clients too. 
Some clients will detect it automatically (at least when setting up the 
IMAP profile), but you may run into clients that need a manual config 


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