Intergation with MDM solutions

Dan White dwhite at
Wed Jan 21 10:01:33 EST 2015

On 01/21/15 14:00 +0530, Ram wrote:
>I need to integrate cyrus IMAP with a MDM ( Mobile Device Management )
>The idea is that even if the IMAP ports are open only selective users /
>devices should be allowed from an external Network.
>Internal Network everyone is allowed.
>I have seen that ready MDM solutions come up with server side plugins
>for Microsoft Exchange which can help achieve this
>Is there a software for Cyrus Imap server that can allow selective users
>/ devices  only ?

The userdeny_db database can be used to selectively allow certain users.
Search the list archives for flat file manipulation with cyr_dbtool. It can
be configured to use a sql database for integration with 3rd party tools.


To configure different access rules based on network, create two imapd
services in cyrus.conf, with each listening on the appropriate network
(IP). e.g.:

    imapint     cmd="imapd" listen="" ...
    imapext     cmd="imapd" listen="" ...

The service name you configure within the userdeny database should match
the service name in cyrus.conf (e.g. imapext). You would not configure any
entries for imapint which would allow access to all internal connections by

I'm not aware of a way to restrict devices (I'm assuming, based on a client
string?). There may be 3rd party imap proxies that can assist with that.

Dan White

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