frontend lmtp connections to mupdate master

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Quoting "Fabio S. Schmidt" <fabio at>:

> Hi Michael,
> - Sorry if I am annoying answering this thread to the list, but maybe
> someone has better ideias.
> We are using Cyrus 2.4.14 with dedicated Backends, Frontends and
> Mupdate servers. We have deployed a Cyrus Frontend on each MTA servers
> so when a message is delivered it will only query locally the
> locations of the mailboxes. This way the "real" Frontend servers are
> only loaded with the IMAP connections from the clients.
> These are our configurations:
> # cyrus.conf
> imap            cmd="proxyd -a" listen="localhost:imap" prefork=5  
> maxchild=100
> lmtp            cmd="lmtpproxyd -C /etc/imapd-local-lmtpd.conf"
> listen="lmtp" prefork=10 maxchild=500
> #/etc/imapd-local-lmtpd.conf
> mupdate_server:
> 304 mupdate_port: 3905
> 305 mupdate_authname: admin
> 306 mupdate_username: admin
> 307 mupdate_password: PASSWORD
> 308 mupdate_retry_delay: 10
> # /etc/postfix/transport
>      lmtp:

thanks for the config. So you are tricking lmtp to querry the local
mupdate over tcp. This should work in our case, but I'm looking for
an other solution, because this would still add an overhead (tcp  
connection, ssl encryption), which is not needed IMHO.

By thew way, the reason I was so surprised in the first place was, that
I have been fooled by the documentation:

> Configuring the frontends
> [...]
> However, because the frontends only talk to the mupdate master via a  
> slave running on the local machine, you will also need to set up a  
> slave on the same machine, in the SERVICES section of cyrus.conf,  
> like so

So frontend imapd and pop3d will ask the frontend mailboxdb.
I'm not sure  about timsieved.
But IHMO there is no need that lmtpd/lmtpproxyd will ask the
mupdate_master only in in standard murder.

I will try to patch lmtpd to use the local mailboxdb and will send a
patch after i have tested it.



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