How to improve mail search from iPad and other mobile devices

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thanks, that's valuable info, even if it doesn't help us until we are able 
to run 2.5. I noticed in the Fastmail branch on Github that the code 
currently only matches iOS 7. I assume you are running a version in 
production that also matches iOS 8.

            if (is_ios && !strcmp(field.s, "os-version") && arg.s[0] == 
'7') {
                imapd_id.quirks |= QUIRK_SEARCHFUZZY;

I have one question regarding the indexing in realtime. Does this *require* 
replication? We currently have a monolithic Cyrus server, and consequently 
don't have a sync log that squatter could use ...

--On 24. September 2014 16:08:10 +1000 Robert Mueller <robm at> 

>> According to Apple's manual, Mail searches all folders like this:
>> "Searching looks at the address fields, the subject, and the message
>> body."
> FYI when we found out about this change, we made all BODY searches from
> iOS become FUZZY BODY searches to make them work reasonably.
> searches-by-default/
> This works great with the xapian indexes we have, though it searches for
> "terms" not "sub-strings".
> On the other hand, there is one massive performance win. The xapian
> index is considered "complete", unlike the squatter index which just
> says "maybe". This means we can return a UID list directly from the
> xapian index without having to actually open any emails.
> With squatter, the index tells it which emails *might* contain the
> sub-string. It then has to actually open each email file to check if the
> sub-string is in there, quite a bit of slow & random IO. Also any emails
> not in the squatter index have to be opened and checked as well.
> As Bron mentioned in another post, our xapian index is kept up-to-date
> in realtime by indexing newly arrived emails into tmpfs, which are then
> compressed down to a disk at regular intervals.
> All up, the approach works amazingly well.
> Rob
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