Cyrus 2.5 release plan

Mogens Melander mogens at
Sat Sep 20 15:25:54 EDT 2014

I, for one, is looking forward to a new release. Not that I'm
not happy with the current release. I really enjoy the challenge,
building a slackware compatible install package. Gives me a chance
to do some scripting, on the fly compiling and checking if it
actually did what I intended. I'm gonna have some fun.

Also, I really need to migrate to more up to date kernels ;P

On Wed, September 17, 2014 00:18, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> I've been very idle on Cyrus for a while, I'm sorry.  There's always heaps
> going on at FastMail, and we have been focussing quite a lot on our own
> branch's calendar support recently.
> As always, you can see the code we are using, and grab whatever you want -
> it's all under the same licence as upstream Cyrus - right here:
> But that's not the same as a real release!
> In October 2010, I visited Ken and Dave in Buffalo on my way through to
> somewhere else - and we released 2.4.0.
> In October 2014, I'm going to be in the area again.  It seems fitting to
> do the same with 2.5.0 (though we might go to Pittsburgh for Dave this
> time.  Guys, that means 2.6.0 will be in Melbourne in 2018, just so you
> can get planning).
> Release date is October 24th if all goes well.
> This gives us a little over month to get things ship-shape.  Tidy up the
> loose ends.  Make sure we've tested the things that people need tested.
> There's tons of stuff in bugzilla that needs to be sorted out, patches
> applied, etc.  We'll be working to the 'master' branch at cmu at first,
> and then branching to cyrus-imapd-2.5 at some point.
> If you have a pet feature that MUST be in, or a pet bug that MUST be fixed
> - let us know now.  Bonus points if you've already got a patch for it, or
> a test case :)
> We're setting a pretty aggressive timeline here, but that's good - because
> important but non-urgent stuff just doesn't get done.  And it's only 2.5,
> not 3.0 - so we don't need to make ALL the giant changes that are in the
> pipeline (or even all the ones in the fastmail branch).  Most of all I'd
> like to have everyone else using a supported, released version of some of
> the great speedup and stability improvements we've had at FM for the past
> few years already.
> Cheers,
> Bron.
> (not having to maintain my own 800+ patch series on top of master would be
> a bonus too)
> --
>   Bron Gondwana
>   brong at

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