High avaliabilty for IMAP/PROXY

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Quoting "Fabio S. Schmidt" <fabio at improve.inf.br>:

> Hi,
> - Sorry if it seems to be a little off-topic -
> We have deployed Cyrus Aggregator and currently we provide load
> balancing and high availability for the Cyrus Front Ends through DNS.
> With this scenario, if a Frontend is unavailable it will receive
> connections unless we remove it from the DNS record for the IMAP
> service.
> Does anyone have any better ideas to improve the high availability? I
> was wondering about using HAPROXY vs NGINX but I do not know their
> behaviours in cases like I mentioned above.

We use ClusterIP for load balancing and HA. With ClusterIP you use one
IP for all of your Cyrus Front Ends. The ClusterIP will use a multicast
MAC an the local firewall cluisterIP rule determin which of the frontends
will be used, by hashing source IP, [source Port], [destination Port] in
a hash. These hash is distributed to N buckets and each bucket must be
serviced by one of your front ends. If one front end goes down you  
configure the buckets of that front end on the other front ends.


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