How to improve mail search from iPad and other mobile devices

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my boss has tasked me with improving the performance of IMAP searches using 
mail clients on mobile devices, mostly Apple's Mail on iPhone and iPad, 
because that's what he uses. The bad performance he experiences is 
exacerbated by the fact that he has one of the largest mail accounts we 
have: currently he has 23 GB of mails ... at least they're not all in his 
INBOX – he has about 1,750 folders.

According to Apple's manual, Mail searches all folders like this: 
"Searching looks at the address fields, the subject, and the message body."

Search for addresses and subject should in theory be reasonably fast 
because the results should mostly come from the cache. We also use 
squatter, which should help with the body searches. However, each mailbox 
is currently squatted roughly every 24 hours. With busy mailboxes I presume 
that leaves a large window where search will have to fall back to searching 
every message in that mailbox, right?

We are looking into using metapartitions to move all the relevant files to 
SSD to make access to cache and squat files faster, but that won't help 
with "outdated" squat files, right? Would it make sense to squat his 
mailboxes more often?

Other suggestions?

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