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Dumb question - but I don't suppose anything happened to your clock recently?

More non-dumb question, what version of Cyrus?

Sorry, I should have included the version. I'm using 2.4.16 rpms from Invoca Systems. Nothing has happened with the clock. This is the only mailbox that seems to have the problem too, user.ken.Trash. We are running a murder configuration with 2 backends and 2 front ends. Not may users accounts, just large mailboxes. Maybe there is some setting on the mupdate master or somewhere else that is set for 14 days?

I don't think so.  Do you have any entries in the syslog showing the deletes?  I'm pretty sure 'auditlog: 1' works in imapd.conf in 2.4.16, so you should be able to add that to see more logging.


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