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El 08/09/2014, a las 18:32, Patrick Goetz <pgoetz at> escribió:

> On 09/06/2014 06:52 AM, Egoitz Aurrekoetxea wrote:
>> We are using Cyrus replication for some years now. It’s just fine. You
>> can play too with
>> expunge_delayed for avoid removing mail immediately.
> Hi -
> Do you mind explaining this in more detail?
> Thanks.
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Hi all!,

Using Cyrus replication is the way as Bron said of having a just fine replicated (and in consistent state) mailbox server. And yes as Bron said too :) replication rocks!!!!! :) We are 
too an ISP and as said it rocks!.

The other part is about expunge… when Cyrus performs a Expunge on a message it removes from the Cyrus databases of the mailbox and the own mail file from the mailbox. You can 
alter this working mode, by just making the message disappearing from the mailbox by removing from the own mailbox database (not the mailboxes database which apart here has 
nothing to do with which we’re talking about…. I mean the own mailbox we’re dealing with from it’s own databases) and causing this way the message to disappear as if it would have 
been fully removed. Later you can in an accident event in that mailbox remove the cyrus.* databases do a reconstruct -rf and you will get back again all those deleted mails only if they 
have been removed before than expire days specified to cyr_expire who runs within the schedule defined in cyrus.conf. Note that doing this make all IMAP flags placed on the messages 
of the mailbox to disappear (if using IMAP).

Hope it helps,

Best regards,

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