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Marcus Schopen lists at
Mon Sep 1 09:39:56 EDT 2014

Am Samstag, den 30.08.2014, 14:37 -0500 schrieb Patrick Goetz:
> On 8/30/2014 10:10 AM, Simon Matter wrote:
> >
> > I suggest -aH to preserve single instance storage in the backup.
> >
> Does cyrus use a lot of hard links?  I use rsync a lot to create 
> snapshot backups, and use hard links across snapshots to preserve space; 
> however, for a single instance backup and unless the filesystem includes 
> hard links (not normal), then the -H won't do much for you.
> Of course one should always use -a.
> The biggest concern I have about backing up mail spools is keeping the 
> index and message stores in sync while the backup is taking place.

This is why I use lvm.

>   A 
> long time ago someone suggested using cyrdump, but when I looked into 
> this, I couldn't find any documentation whatsoever.  Is cyrdump a real 
> thing, or did I imagine all this?


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