fine-grained message move notification for spam training

Michael Gratton mike at
Tue May 27 08:43:05 EDT 2014

Hi list,

I'm researching implementing a spam/ham training for my Cyrus IMAPD 
installation. I would like users to be able to train a spam classifier 
by simply moving messages to/from INBOX.Junk, without any further 
interaction, in realtime (almost exactly as described in [0]). This is 
analogous to all modern webmail providers such as GMail work.

Looking at what is available, it seems using either the notify(d) 
framework or IMAP NOTIFY (RFC 5465) is sufficient, since neither will 
report the event of a message being moved from one mailbox to another, 
including the the source and destination mailboxes of the move.

I was pretty happy to find bug #3605[1] implementing RFC 5423[2], but 
that does not seem to have been merged to v2.4, and I'm not sure if it 
would report the needed information anyway.

A script like sa-learn-cyrus[3] is not an option, since it involves 
delayed polling and requires three junk folders (spam, is-spam, 
is-not-spam) that a user must get their head around, not just one.

Are there any solutions out there that do not involve hacking the 


[0] - 
[1] - <>
[2] - <>
[3] - 

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