calendar provisioning: need to create #calendars for a user

Paul Dekkers paul.dekkers at
Thu May 8 11:37:27 EDT 2014


Reading doc/install-http.html,

"Calendar provisioning

The CalDAV module will automatically create the required calendars for a
user the first time that the user authenticates to the CalDAV server.
Note that the user MUST have an existing IMAP Inbox in order for the
calendars to be created."

... I'm a bit confused: it seems I need to create INBOX.#calendars
myself, but INBOX.#calendars.Default, .Outbox and .Inbox are indeed
created automatically.

Is that correct? Another way to interpret this was that whenever a user
wants to access its Calendar and the INBOX is created but
INBOX.#calendars isn't, this is also created. For me, on Ubuntu 14.04
with the cyrus package including the beta stuff (I like it :-)) that
didn't work.


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