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Marc Fournier scrappy at
Wed Mar 26 19:20:47 EDT 2014

On Mar 26, 2014, at 16:15 , Mogens Melander <mogens at> wrote:

> Guys, please ..
> Can someone please filter out those HTML messages, and only pass the
> plain text. Most HTML get sniped on arrival, the rest just annoy me.
> I do understand, this guy went a long way to present hi problem, but
> inline css, other stuff, will not bring more information.
> It's late, and I'm grumpy, but really ?

Sorry, I’m just cut-n-pasting from Mac Terminal into Mac Mail … I’m not doing anything special … if anyone can suggest what I’m doing wrong there, I would be appreciative … wasn’t intending to send HTML … oh, back to the days of using pine to read email *sigh*

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