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> Looks like on a medium-loaded server we have about 15,000 connections open
> at the moment.  It's about 40% masters, 40% replicas, 20% unallocated.
>> About disk, what is the high size of a single partition managed by Cyrus?
> We're just using a single partition (default) in each instance of Cyrus,
> but there are multiple instances installed.

Hi Bron,

Just curious about what filesystem (and any special mount options) you're 
using these days for large cyrus stores.  We've been using ext4 for a while 
now (we used to use reiser) and have seen performance degradation over 
time.  I've been wondering if anyone has any positive experience with using 
recent XFS.



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> The config is somewhat complex, we're running a patch which enables
> 'archive' storage.  It's a little bit buggy still, but good enough for
> our purposes with some babysitting.
> The 'spool' path is on a shared SSD (400Gb x RAID1), but there's a
> separate archive partition for each slot with 1Tb of space allocated.
> So overall it's laid out as two x 12 drive RAID6 of 2Tb drives, each with
> a 20Tb volume which is them configured with GPT partition table as 20
> separate 1Tb partitions.
> There's also a separate 3-drive RAID 1e (3Tb storage striped over 3 disks)
> with search data, using yet another set of patches which integrate the
> Xapian search engine into our Cyrus system for fast full-text searches.
> I've nearly finished writing a blog post which incidentally glances over
> some of this stuff while talking about a recent outage.
> Bron.
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