Cyrus-imapd memory tuning

Marco falon at
Wed Mar 12 05:11:53 EDT 2014

> On Mon, Mar 10, 2014, at 07:49 PM, Marco wrote:
>> With 8GB RAM,
> I would recommend you increase that...
> As an interesting datapoint, the big ones cost about US$20k fully  
> stocked, including 40Tb of RAID6 storage for email, plus 6Tb of  
> RAID1 for search indexes and 800Gb of RAID1 SSD for hot metadata.


   with these servers could you tell me what is the average number of  
IMAP processes (connections) opened? Just for understand a real  
example relationship between memory and processes.

About disk, what is the high size of a single partition managed by Cyrus?

Thank you very much again

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