undelete a single message, delete_mode + expunge_mode activated

Marcus Schopen lists at localguru.de
Mon Mar 10 16:31:17 EDT 2014


I've just activated 

 delete_mode: delayed
 expunge_mode: delayed

on my cyrus 2.4.12.

A deleted subfolder "testfolder3" from testuser's Inbox is moved to


I can undelete the complete folder using rename[1]

localhost> rename DELETED.user.testuser.testfolder3.531E16DC

This seems to work fine with folders. 

When deleting a single message from Inbox or a subfolder these message
are not moved into a DELETED structure and keep staying at their
originally place on filesystem. Those messages are definitely delete. I
can't see them in my imap client anymore (tested with evolution and
Thunderbird). How do I undelete these single messages?



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