mboxlist_createmailbox_full() in http_carddav.c

Johan Hattne johan at hattne.se
Fri Jul 18 14:34:26 EDT 2014

Dear all;

I’m trying to understand what’s happening in the my_carddav_auth() function in http_carddav.c, in particular the part that creates carddav mailboxes.  If I understand correctly, on the user’s first successful authentication, mboxlist_lookup() will return r = IMAP_MAILBOX_NONEXISTENT, and program goes into the if-clause (line ~362 in the beta9-code I’m looking at).  Unless there’s an mupdate-server, the subsequent call to mboxlist_createmailbox_full() will not happen because !r is false, and no mailboxes would be created.  I suppose this isn’t what was intended—clues?

// Johan

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