Sieve filter problem on linux cyrus setup

John Riddle jriddle1 at
Tue Jul 15 15:28:25 EDT 2014

Hi -
We have an environment where we have a legacy Cyrus setup running in
Solaris, and we have been gradually migrating this over to Linux (starting
with the back-ends; we are still in the process of migrating the front-ends
and the mupdate master).

For the accounts that we have migrated over to the newer Linux servers
(running cyrus-imapd 2.4.17), I noticed that when people attempt to make
any modification to their sieve rules, they are all set as inactive.  I was
able to trace this problem to part of the source code for timsieved,
specificially the file actions.c - the section pertaining to replacing lone
\r or \n control codes with a combined "\r\n".

Seems that these control codes being placed in the script file by timsieved
when they are written to disk on the back-end server are causing the
failure.  I modified the source to prevent the "\r" from being written to
the script and recompiled timsieved and then everything worked fine.

I just wanted to pass this along and see if anyone else has witnessed this
behavior from sieve and if anyone though that making this change might
impact the functionality of sieve negatively.  So far in my testing, I
haven't noticed any issues and all the sieve scripts for the users who have
them set up are working properly (after changes have been made).


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Division of Information Technology, UMBC
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