Cyrus squatter using only a single core

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Yes, all Cyrus processes are single threaded except mupdate.  I don't think that running squatter on multiple cores would necessarily be an improvement - and regardless, it's not a priority for me to implement.  We'd accept a patch if someone did it and it integrated with the other stuff that's floating around on the fastmail branch.


On Tue, Jul 15, 2014, at 04:13 AM, Fabio S. Schmidt wrote:

Hi !

I'm running Cyrus 2.4.14 on Debian 6 64 Bits and I've noticed that when squatter is running it only uses a single core. Has this behavior been improved on newer versions?

Here is my entry:

squatter_1    cmd="/usr/bin/nice +n 19 /usr/lib/cyrus/bin/squatter -s -i -r user" period=180

I do run it with "nice +19" but It causes a high load on the core it's running and triggers an alert on my monitoring solution. I know that this alert could be deactivated, but maybe I'm doing something wrong with squatter.

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