Cyrus squatter using only a single core

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Quoting "Fabio S. Schmidt" <fabio at>:

> Hi !
> I'm running Cyrus 2.4.14 on Debian 6 64 Bits and I've noticed that when
> squatter is running it only uses a single core. Has this behavior been
> improved on newer versions?
> Here is my entry:
> squatter_1    cmd="/usr/bin/nice +n 19 /usr/lib/cyrus/bin/squatter -s -i -r
> user" period=180

i think you are running the squatter to often.

period=180 will run it every 3h. If there is more then one sqatter running,
it second will catch up and the proceses will have to wait for the mailbox

We run our squatter, expire and backup once each night, when there is less
IO traffic.

you can use at= instead of period=. See cyrus.conf manpage for details


    Michael Menge

> I do run it with "nice +19" but It causes a high load on the core it's
> running and triggers an alert on my monitoring solution. I know that this
> alert could be deactivated, but maybe I'm doing something wrong with
> squatter.
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> My best regards,
> Fabio Soares Schmidt
> Linux Professional Institute - LPIC-3
> Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Active Directory

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