Mailbox last access - most reliable source

Nic Bernstein nic at
Mon Jul 7 16:51:07 EDT 2014

On 07/07/2014 03:12 PM, Joseph Brennan wrote:
> "Fabio S. Schmidt" <fabio at> wrote:
>>  I actually need to consider only the last access via IMAP or POP 
> protocols.
> That can be very misleading, because a device may keep checking for new 
> mail for a very long time after the user abandons the account.
> A recent timestamp on the user.seen file should be good, but that seems to 
> update mysteriously sometimes.

The "lastupdated:" field of cyradm's "info mailbox" command will show
the last time the mailbox was updated in any way, so that includes
deliveries.  The timestamp of the user.seen file will only reflect the
last time that the seen state of anything in the mailbox changed, but
does not tell you when the mailbox was last accessed.

I think you'd need to derive this information some other way, such as
from authentication logs.  Of course the reliability and accessibility
of that will depend on your authentication mechanisms.


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