Empty folders

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Sun Dec 28 10:19:50 EST 2014


I'm a long time cyrus IMAP admin, but I'm new to this mailing list, 
since this is the first time I encounter a problem I can't seem to solve 

A server of mine is running version 2.3.18:
_ user A has got his mailbox with lots of folders: all are working and 
all but one (B) have their cyrus.index, cyrus.header, cyrus.cache;
_ folder (B) has no cyrus.index, cyrus.header, cyrus.cache: ThunderBird 
displays it in gray but allows subfolders; of course there are no 
messages here;
_ as said, under B there are a lot of subfolders, most of which work; 
some, however, are shown as empty even if they exist, have messages in 
the file system and even have cyrus.* files (lets take D as an example).

So, to summarize I've got:
A (working)
  B (empty with no cyrus.* files)
   C (working)
   D (shown as empty even if cyrus.* and message files are present).

I tried "reconstruct user.A": no results.
"reconstruct -r user.A": "user.A.B.D" is listed in the output, but still 
no help.
"reconstruct -f user.A" didn't help either, nor did  "reconstruct -f -r 

No error is given to the client or displayed in the logs.
Owner and permissions in the filesystem are correct and so are IMAP rights.

The only strange thing I got to see is running "ctl_mboxlist -v", which 
'user.A.B.D' has a directory '/data/imap/user/A/B/C' but no DB entry

Any suggestion on how to get out of this situation?

  bye & Thanks

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