Cyrus Replication (example) [was Re: restore from cyrdump]

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Fri Dec 19 14:31:52 EST 2014

Super helpful -- thanks!

I only have one additional question:

On 12/19/2014 09:31 AM, Nic Bernstein wrote:
>> My current plan is to use imapsync for the migration and then
>> replication to another dummy server for backup, assuming I can figure
>> out how to set up replication.
> I strongly recommend against this course of action.  If you're migrating
> between two boxes, which it sounds like you are, then you're much better
> off rsyncing the spool data between them (once you've halted cyrus) and
> then allowing cyrus to perform the necessary DB updates.

It wasn't clear to me why you strongly recommend against this course of 
action (other than your recommended course of action is vastly simpler 
than messing around with imapsync for multiple users).

Also, for the purposes of clarity and documentation:

The only 2 files I need to run cvt_cyrusdb on are:

     - mailboxes.db
     - annotations.db

the contents of the {configdirectory}/db are generated dynamically, and 
the other db files (e.g. deliver.db and tls_sessions.db) are only 
relevant to the cyrus instance on the current machine?  (I'm not sure 
about deliver.db -- this would seem to need to be converted as well.)

Then one can just copy the contents of

     - {configdirectory}/user
     - {configdirectory}/quota
     - {configdirectory}/sieve

to the new machine.  If that works, this is vastly simpler than running 
imapsync for each individual user.

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