restore from cyrdump

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Tue Dec 16 06:43:58 EST 2014

On 12/16/2014 4:11 AM, Michael Menge wrote:
> We also don't use snapshots or stop cyrus for backup.
> But as a complete restore of our mail storage with normal backuptools
> would take fare too long, we uses cyrus sync for disaster recovery.
> For the normal backup we use a combination of delayed expung (14 days)
> and normal filesystem backup. In most cases where the mail is still
> in the filesystem and can be restored by unexpung, and in the rare
> cases where the mail has been expunged i have to run reconstruct anyway.

I haven't used reconstruct in such a long time that I've forgotten what 
can't be reconstructed from the partition-default user mail files.

Quotas are maintained separately.  Suppose annotations.db and 
mailboxes.db are both corrupted or inaccessible.  Does this mean the 
seen status is gone?  What else?

Also, I was wrong about ctl_mboxlist -u.  While this might not be useful 
for disaster recovery, there is nevertheless at least one use case; e.g.

improved_mboxlist_sort: 0
If enabled, a special comparator will be used which will correctly
sort mailbox names that contain characters such as ' ' and '-'.

Note that this option SHOULD NOT be changed on a live system. The
mailboxes database should be dumped (ctl_mboxlist) before the option is
changed, removed, and then undumped after changing the option. When
not using flat files for the subscriptions databases the same has to be
done (cyr_dbtool) for each subscription database See

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