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You'll find a link to the latest Beta release with CalDav/CardDav 
support on the Cyrus IMAP website:

    It is anticipated that future releases of Cyrus IMAP will include
    CalDAV/CardDAV/RSS support in the stable download. While in beta
    status, however, we are offering it as a separate download.

Essentially, this is a patched version of 2.4.17, with a new HTTP server 
to support the calendar and address book services.  New mailbox 
hierarchies, by default user.<username>.#calendars and 
user.<username>.#addressbooks (but settable by you), hold the calendar 
and address book entries, and are not exposed via the normal IMAP 
protocol LIST commands (but may be explicitly accessed).

Look for this to be included in 2.5 (per previous postings).

On 12/15/2014 04:12 PM, Patrick Goetz wrote:
> Speaking of calendars, a while back there was talk of a Cyrus CalDAV module.
>    - Did this ever come to fruition?
>    - Does this mean we can finally integrate calendar funtionality
>      into Cyrus, similar to the feature MS Exchange users have?
>    - If so, how does it work?  Is there any documentation?
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