SIEVE vacation not works with "email aliases"

Niels Dettenbach nd at
Fri Apr 4 11:03:24 EDT 2014

Am Freitag, 4. April 2014, 09:33:47 schrieben Sie:
> require ["vacation","regex"];
> vacation :days 7 :addresses ["address1 at", "address2 at"]
> text:

ahh! This syntax seem to work so far. Thank you!

I've tried/used things similiar to this (roundcube generated):

## Generated by Roundcube Webmail SieveRules Plugin ##
require ["vacation"];

if anyof (true)
		:days 7
		:subject "Bin kurz weg"
		"..und gleich wieder da";

any idea why it is not working?

many thanks again.


 Niels Dettenbach
 Syndicat IT & Internet

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