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Shawn Bakhtiar shashaness at
Wed Sep 11 14:49:57 EDT 2013

You can check the following link for more details:

But I have to agree, most likely your hitting a bug. I normally get this in code I've written where I make a request to the server after I have closed the connection.

I would suggest enabling logging on the mysql server and look to see what the last myql queries cyrus makes before this happens, this may give you some clues as to where it's happening.

> Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 08:53:09 -0500
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> Subject: Re: mysql problem
> Rudolf Gabler wrote the following on 9/11/2013 2:46 AM:
> > the system is running as expected. After approximately the 10 imaps contact suddenly the following occurs:
> >
> > Sep 11 09:43:29 xmailer imaps[8168]: DBERROR: SQL query failed: MySQL server has gone away
> > Sep 11 09:43:29 xmailer imaps[8168]: DBERROR: SQL failed SELECT * FROM mailboxes_db WHERE dbkey = 'user…..
> >
> > But the local mysql server is o.k. and running. After a restart of cyrus (/etc/init.d/cyrus-imapd restart) everything is working until the next appr. 10 connection times by the user.
> >
> > If I use sqlite instead everything is stable for at least a month.
> >
> > Any hint what may occur?
> >
> I'm not familiar with using MySQL for anything more than authentication 
> so I'm not sure how Cyrus makes it's db connections, but is there a 
> limit on the number of allowed client connections in my.cnf - or per 
> user on the MySQL account you're using for Cyrus?
> When Cyrus is broke, can you login to MySQL, use the Cyrus databases, 
> and run the queries that Cyrus would?
> --Blake
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