digest.sha1 cyrus-imapd.2.4.17 problem

Manel Gimeno Zaragozá magiza83 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 25 10:08:55 EDT 2013


A year ago I patch a cyrus 2.4.13 with fastmail imapd patches in order to get digest.sha1 for replica check consistency, and everything was working perfectly, but now my problem is that I'm trying to patch 2.4.17 but sha1 is not created. I can fetch digest.sha1 and rfc822.filesize but no data is stored:

. fetch 1 digest.sha1
* 1 FETCH . OK Completed (0.000 sec)
. fetch 1 rfc822.filesize
* 1 FETCH . OK Completed (0.000 sec)

Does someone know if there is any aditional patch I have to apply?

I've based my patch in the following fastmail patch:

And this is the patch I've created:

Thanks & Regards.

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