Outlook 2013 IDLE broken?

Kevin Kobb kkobb at skylinecorp.com
Thu Apr 25 07:37:29 EDT 2013


I'm currently using 2.4.17, and have run earlier versions for years 
without any major problems. Now, I have a few users who are getting 
Outlook 2013 and I am running into problems. Outlook 2010 and earlier 
versions work fine, but in Outlook 2013 IDLE seems broken. Users can 
have messages in the Inbox for hours, but if they have another folder 
selected in Outlook they never get a notification unless they click back 
in to the Inbox. Then, everything updates in Outlook.

Like I said, with Outlook 2010 and earlier message notifications pop up 
instantly. I have looked through earlier posts regarding Outlook 2013 
and checked XLIST config, deleted and recreated Outlook profiles, 
checked account settings, etc. It seems like IDLE support in Outlook 
2013 has some issues, but I thought I would ask if anybody is seeing 
this or has an answer?


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