Reverting failover

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Thu Apr 18 06:18:32 EDT 2013


On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 11:59:31AM +0200, Sven Schwedas wrote:
> > 1) force syncronisation
> > 3) manually run any remaining synclogs
> How do I do that / what's the difference between forced sync and a
> manual sync log run?

I mean that in the first case, you give a list of all your users (and shared
mailboxes) to the sync_client command, using -u and -m operating modes,
respectively. See man sync_client, note also the -f option. You can skip this
step if you trust that your replica is completely up-to-date. There might have
been some glitches in the replication at a point or another, so I prefer to
synchronize all users and shared folders just before the role change, just in
case. YMMV.

The manual sync log run means that you just check if there are any outstanding
entries left in <configdir>/sync/log (where <configdir> is typically
/var/lib/imap) and if there are, you run the sync_client for that log file
using mode -r. Like sync_client -r -f /var/lib/imap/sync/log. You see, when you
shut down Cyrus at step 2, there might've been some new sync events generated
by imapd/lmtpd/pop3d that the background-running sync_client didn't have time
to handle before it was shut down.

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