Another 2.4 upgrade horror story

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Wed Sep 26 02:49:02 EDT 2012

--On 26. September 2012 09:42:17 +0300 Janne Peltonen 
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> As it happened, we didn't have any trouble with the reconstruction of any
> mailboxes, the process went flawlessly - it was just slow.

Same here.

> Also, it did
> cause observable slowness only because at first, I hadn't reconstructed
> the mailboxes systematically but had trusted the system to do it on
> demand. After the business day and daily peak usage was over, I set up
> such a number of reconstruction processes that the system didn't choke on
> them, and everything (~60k mailboxes) was reconstructed before next
> morning.

We did it systematically from the start, but that wasn't enough.
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