Weird vanishing e-mail question

Ken Smith kens at
Tue Sep 4 07:02:11 EDT 2012

Hi all, I've been using Cyrus-imap for ages. Its excellent. Currently on 
2.3.7 on a Centos 5 setup.

I was editing a mail using Seamonkey as the mua on one machine. I saved 
the mail to drafts and opened it on another machine again with 
Seamonkey, made the changes I wanted and saved the mail to drafts again. 
The draft message has vanished. Both machines had active sessions to 
Cyrus at the same time.

I have seen this previously, but I had put some care into the wording of 
the message I was writing.

Opening the draft mailbox with mutt reveals no trace of the message. 
Searching directly in the filesystem on the imap server for files 
created today reveals the expected things, (such as this message in 
draft form),  but not the vanished message.

Any ideas? Have I triggered an anomaly?




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