CC destinations dropped

brian cyrus-list at
Fri Jul 20 15:32:36 EDT 2012

On 12-07-20 02:33 AM, Marc Patermann wrote:
 > Mail is relayed to spamassassin. What happened there, have you
 > checked?

My apologies. Nothing of note in the logs.

 > Did your grep in the mailboxes for the message-id?


On 12-07-20 07:37 AM, Eric Luyten wrote:
> On Fri, July 20, 2012 1:01 pm, Adam  Tauno Williams wrote:
>> Where is the e-mail coming from?  It is possible it really is a
>> duplicate message-id?  some real-world devices recycle message ids [our
>> Xerox document centers do].

The example from the logs was a msg from a gmail acct. My own test came 
from my domain. The problem doesn't appear to have anything to do with 
the source.

>> "delivered via procmail" ???
> On the day I cut procmail out from between our Postfix and Cyrus, all
> (well, one major, causing newly arriving messages to disappear) delivery
> mysteries disappeared.
> The less components stacked one upon another, the less issues you're
> likely to witness.

Agreed. But I'm no expert on these things and there are an awful lot of 
HOWTOs out there that include procmail in the stack. Thanks to both 
yourself and Dan White for the suggestion to cut it out of the process. 
I'm uncertain as to how best to do this but I'll send that query to the 
Postfix list, where I suppose it belongs.


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