successful create but unsuccessful subscribe

Frank Elsner Frank.Elsner at TU-Berlin.DE
Mon Dec 17 05:11:13 EST 2012

On Fri, 14 Dec 2012 09:50:50 +0100 Kerstin Espey wrote:
> On 13.12.2012 18:13, Dan White wrote:
> > On 12/13/12 11:50 +0100, Kerstin Espey wrote:
> >> we see a strange behaviour in our dev cyrus murder environment which we
> >> can't explain.
> >>
> >> We run cyrus 2.4 on ubuntu server.
> > 
> > What specific release are you using?
> 2.4.12-2 on ubuntu precise.

As already mentioned, we - TU-Berlin.DE - have the same problem.

We run a mupdate-server (2.3.16, RHEL), 3 Frontends (2.3.16, Solaris 10), 
                                        4 Frontends (2.3.16, RHEL) to replace the 
                                          Solaris hosts in the future.
                                        4 Backends (2 Solaris 10, 2 RHEL)
All frontends run the same configuration.

On startup all frontends get the complete mailboxlist from the mupdate server.
After a while the RHEL hosts show the same behavior as Kerstins hosts.

I case the mailbox list on a (RHEL-)frontend is not identical to the one on the 
mupdate server, a "kill mupdate" forces a complete an the frontend which is successful.

We have no problem on the communication from the backends to the mupdate server.
Folders created on one of the backends immediatly show up on the mupdate server.

Just my 0.02 €.

Any pointer to find the problem or even solve is welcome.

--Frank Elsner (TU Berlin Postmaster)

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