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On 14.12.2012 16:30, Dave McMurtrie wrote:
> Yes, as I mentioned, the mupdate process on our broken frontend was
> running and still held an open socket descriptor to our mupdate
> server.  The problem was that the mupdate server did not still have
> that connection open, so the client mupdate process was stuck in a
> blocking read() indefinitely, but was not getting any updates.
We do see traffic on the port, on the frontend and on the master. It's
not the same problem as you have seen.
> This is broken.  You need to determine why your frontends aren't all
> in sync.  Crank the logs up to debug level (local6) on your mupdate
> master and the frontends.  If you don't find anything in the logs,
> confirm that you actually see an open socket (using netstat) on both
> sides (frontend and mupdate).

Capturing the traffic on the master it looks like the master does not
send the information to the frontends. The master is getting the
information from the backend, but not sending it to the frontend.
> Also, I didn't look at your configs, but make sure you don't have
> proxyservers set on your frontends like Bron mentioned. 

proxyserver is not set.

Debug-logging is set to 6, but still no hints in the logs.



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