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I tried to respond to the list before but the list server told me to get bent.  Here's a cut-n-paste of my previous reply:


I have seen this problem before.  If you only have a single frontend in your dev environment, it's likely a different problem than what I found.

In our case, the mupdate process on one of our frontends was not receiving updates from the mupdate master.  If a webmail user created a new folder and then immediately reconnected to that frontend, the folder wouldn't exist.  If they connected to a different frontend, it would work fine.

To see if this is your problem, you need to determine if mailboxes.db is the same across all of your frontends.  The easiest thing is to compare the datestamp on the file.  You may need to ctl_mboxlist -d each of them and compare.  If you find that one of the mailboxes.db files on a frontend is considerably older than the rest, kill mupdate on that frontend and let master re-spawn it.  It will reconnect to the mupdate master and scarf a fresh database.

In our case, the problem was that the mupdate process on the frontend makes one connection to the mupdate master and then remains connected.  Unfortunately, it does not use tcp keepalives so if there's an issue at the network layer where that connection goes away without actually being closed (meaning, the cyrus frontend never receives a tcp reset), the mupdate process will sit in a blocking read() on the mupdate socket forever without ever getting any updates.  You can use lsof and/or netstat to see if this is the case, should you discover that you have a stale mailboxes.db on one of your frontends.  netstat shows you the source and destination port.  If that port isn't open on your mupdate server, and mupdate on your frontend is stuck in a blocking read(), you'll know that's the issue.



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> Did this work for you differently in a previous version of cyrus?

We have exactly the same problem with cyrus 2.3.16 on RHEL.

--Frank Elsner
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