successful create but unsuccessful subscribe

Dan White dwhite at
Thu Dec 13 12:13:21 EST 2012

On 12/13/12 11:50 +0100, Kerstin Espey wrote:
>Hi List,
>we see a strange behaviour in our dev cyrus murder environment which we
>can't explain.
>We run cyrus 2.4 on ubuntu server.

What specific release are you using?

Could you provide a sanitized copy of the configuration on your frontend,
backend, and mupdate servers?

>After successful creation of a new folder, the mailclient tries to
>subscribe to the new folder, but gets a error message.
>In thunderbird I can subscribe to the new folder with the subscribe
>menu, using our webmail client, I have to logout and login again. After
>that, the folder is subscribed.
>Has anyone else seen this behaviour before? What can we do to fix it?
><1355393803<15 create "INBOX/Kerstin/loglog"
>>1355393806>15 OK Completed
><1355393806<16 subscribe "INBOX/Kerstin/loglog"
>>1355393806>16 NO Mailbox does not exist
><1355393806<17 list "" "INBOX/Kerstin/loglog"
>>1355393806>17 OK Completed (0.000 secs)

Does the mailbox show up immediately in the mailbox list on the frontend
(ctl_mboxlist -d)? If not, approximately how long does it take for the
mupdate server to see it, and how long does it take for the frontend server
to see it?

Those look like timestamp values in your logs, so presumably the issue is
that the mailbox is unknown on the frontend for several seconds while the
mailbox gets propagated to the mupdate server and then to the frontend.

Did this work for you differently in a previous version of cyrus?

><1355393803<15 CREATE {20+}
>>1355393806>15 OK Completed
>T 2012/12/13 11:12:00.231163 -> [AP]
>U01 MAILBOX {25+}.
>user.mailteam.Kerstin.log {14+}.
>regina!default {23+}.
>U01 MAILBOX {25+}.
>user.mailteam.Kerstin.log {14+}.
>regina!default {23+}.

Dan White

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