Injecting a mail folder into a users inbox/restore from backup

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> Yes, sorry and thanks, that clarifies it.

For what it's worth, you can also set expire times, for specific 
mailboxes, via annotations.  We frequently use a script like this to 
handle such a task on a regular basis, to accommodate users who delete 
and recreate mailboxes we wish to handle exceptionally:
# - Set the standard annotations for the Spam,
#                            Trash and systems mailboxes so they expire
#                            properly.
USER=<cyrus user>

cyradm -u $USER -w "$PASS" $HOST << _EOF_
mboxcfg systems expire 60
mboxcfg user/%/Spam expire 7
mboxcfg user/%/Trash expire 2

Also, as to documentation, the Kolab folks have some good info available 
including a step-by-step guide to locating and restoring (via cyradm 
rename) deleted mailboxes.  This is the way to go, and the Perl example 
there shows how to make sense of the datestamp on folders in the DELETED 


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